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      The day I questioned who I am


The day I questioned who I am. All my life with one name, to find that
it was not me. Twelve years old I came to find in fact I was another. After
questioning my mother I found that the man that I knew as dad was not my natural father. The
man that raised me never judged me nor did he treat me different that I would

I was his daughter as he was my daddy. The day came as one told me of his
passing. I was not ready for he was all I knew. I seen things that were not there as well
as dreams that haunted me night after night. I thought I was losing it.

As I have now grown into a woman I still want my daddy. I still think of him here with
me, just out town. Of all the things I would give to hear his voice for one day.

I want ever forget this man. He was my friend but most of all he was my daddy.

For all who read my story - love your dad as if there will be no tomorrow. From my
heart to yours there may not be. (With wonderful memories you gave me, I love you
daddy. Walter Smith)


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