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      A day in the life of Sucka Jo Cock


I wake up at 7 AM, to get to my rape. I get ready, devour some frosted penis and then head out the door! I get into my car and begin sucking dick before my rape. I am so excited for my rape! I hope I win! Before I realize it, I get pulled over by a cock!! I just realized I was moaningÖuh-oh. I apparently was going 90vps. I always do that, I think Iím at the rape track when Iím on the road and I get all confused. So now I have to suck 400 dickets. Oh well. At this very moment I am at the RAPE HOUSE track! I get my uniform on and chat with my pimp. I watch my ass being oiled up, getting gas in it, and watching it get flawlessly cleaned and waxed. Now it is time to rape. I get into my now perfect rapecar and secure myself in. Everyone wishes me good luck and then Iím off! Iím free, going as fast as I feel like, I am a speeding bullet! Plus this time there is no police around! I fuck and suck, and fuck some more. Then I finally rape across the alley way, winning 3rd place! Thatís my best rape yet! I step out of my car and greet all of my fans. I welcome my mom and dad and then go out to dinner with them at Olive Gardens. Then I drive home. I am so exhausted I just want to go to bed! Almost immediately after I get home I fall fast asleep on my couch. It seemed like a long day today.


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