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      Thought he could was the one


It was my freshmen year in high school. I made new friends and i became really close with this one girl. She would tell me all the time that i was wicked pretty and that i wasted my time on jerks. One day after school she called me and said that the nex day she had someone she wanted me to meet so she wanted me to look extra pretty. Next day i meet this guy and i was like oh my god he is hot. Me and this guy would always talk and he would walk me to all my classes, we were both freshmen at the time. He would take me home, he did anything for me. I thanked my friend all the time for introducing us to eachother. One day the guy asked me out he said that i would be his last girl friend he ever had. I was fifteen of course i believed him. We would stay afer school together and hangout. After a few months of us being together he stared me in he eyes and said that he loved. I saw in his eyes that he cared. I said i love you too. After that he would spend so much time together. His parents loved me and my parents loved him. We told eachother everyhing. All my friends were jealous because they wanted a guy like him. Freshmen year ended and summer came and we broke us apart because things happen during summers. It took him two days and he showed up at my doorstep saying that he loved me and didnt want me being with no other guy. Everything went back to how it was before. Us happy. But for some reason our sophomore year changed us and our relationship. Before we even got together we both were big flirts and neither one of us wanted to change. So we broke it up and we date other people. But the big sercet was while we dated other people we would hook up and secertly meet. One day we were at one of ou secert meet ups and we decided to get back together. Right then and there we called the people that we were dating and told them it was not going to work out. Sophomore year ended and summer came. We were happy and he gave me a promise ring. He said that he wante me and only me. We spent every minute together. Junior year came and our relationship broke apart. I saw him with some other girl when he was still with me. He kissed her like nothing and then he would come to me like nothing. I told him i couldnt do this anymore. It broke my heart to him with her and i saw the way he looked at her and it was the same way he looked at me when we first meet. And it killed me. I tried moving on but i couldnt. I still weared the ring he gave me and he saw and i guess he took as if i would take him back each time. And i did all of junior year. We hangout one day before school ended he told me that he was sorry for everything that he has done to hurt me. I didnt know if to believe him anymore so i kissed him to see if i felt anything still and i realized that i still did. I wanted us together and i kissed him one last time and i told him i cant to this anymore and this time its for real. The thing was that the last year of our relationship wasnt healthy it was a love hate relationship. He always said he was sorry and every single time it was a different reason. The truth was that i still loved him but he broke my heart and he hurt me so much that i think it was time to move one. I gave him his ring back and i saw a tear fall down his cheek. It killed me to see him like that he didnt say a word. The next day at school he was with some other chick walkong her to class and what not. I questioned him on what was his problem and what ge said broke whatever was left of my heart. He told me that the whole time he was with me he was dating some girl from his home town and that hew dating the girl from school now because shes a freshmen and believes everything you tell her. I just walked away i couldnt find words to say. So for the next few days i ingored him he would try to talk and i would walk away. I couldnt forgive him especially this time. On the last day of school of junior year he said i dont want us to end like this. He told me that he wanted me to keep the ring but i couldnt take it. I told hi. I know i will be happy with out you it will just take some time. The next week he shows up at my door step on his knees saying hes sorry and that he wants me and all this stuff and how much he loved me and he wanted a second chance. I nodded and told him at some point in my life i really thought you could have been the one, but we have to move on and if this is truly meet to be then our paths will cross together. I left it as that a closed the door. I feel bad but i cant anymore. Im young im 18 i want to enjoy life. But the truth is he will always be in my heart. He was my first everything. And i have found someone else and i am happy and he is currently dealing with the fact that i am happy wihout him. Oh yea yesterday i got a package from fedex i opened it up i there was a note from him that said he was sorry and if he could go back in time he would change everything and make it last. I digged in th back before i through it away and found the box with the ring he gave me two years ago. I sat on my proch and cried. I dialed his number and said i still love you. And said that he has never stopped loving me. The new guy in my life figured out what was going on and i left him. To find my high school sweet heart. I did. But i couldnt take him back because all i saw was my heart breaking all over again. I couldnt i saw it in his eyes. To end this i still love him. I wish that maybe things could have been different. But ill be happy and find real love over again like i did in high school. And a second chance is worth giving everyone makes mistakes.


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