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      Ex Best friend/ LOVER


2 years ago, From my 7th grade year i met a boy name Brandon. He was in all my classes except homeroom & advisory. One day in math class, i heard somebody calling my name, i didnt know who he was until i turned around, He said, " Eh my frend like go out wid you" & i was like, Wtf? haha you must be crazy. Hes freind wasent all that good looking. At first i didnt even notice him. That day he wanted to talk to me but i didnt notice him. I was with my riends & he & hes frends were next to us, I was that stupid i didnt even know he was there. When school ended tha day, Me & my friends was waiting by the gas station for my mom to come pick us up, Suddenly this boy Approached us. Hes name was John. John started talking us, So my frends started talking to him. Me, I wasent talking that much because well, im a very shy person. So out of all my frends he asked me if i could go with him to drink water At the water fountain. He asked me what my name was i told him. Suddenly he told me, " You, ^_______^ is yur name? & i was like yeah why? He asked me, do you know who Brandon is? & i was like Brandon? I know alot? He told me hes last name, & i told him, " yeah i think i know him, Hes that boy whos in all my clases. While we was walking back to the gas station he told me something i couldnt believe, HE told me, Dont you know that Brandon LIKES you, I was like " what? HowD ya know? HE told me, I live right next to him & hes kinda my close frend. " WOW". Later on that day he asked me if he could get my number, & i gave it. Later on that night, I recived a phone call, It was a number that i didnt know. It was Brandon(: I asked him how he got my number, & he told me John gave it to me. So we started talking/texting each other. He told me if he could sit with me in our 5th period, I told him Sure. Ever since then we told each other EVERYTHING & started being Best Frends. I would talk to him 24/7 on the phone, text him the stupidiest things. HE would help me with my boy problems, WE walk together everywhere. HE even copies my work. haha. When i went to my friends, & sat with them, They asked me, " where ya BOY at? & i was like who boy? They yellled BRANDON! & i was like hes not my boy hes my BEST frend. They told me, " friends,bestfrens, boyfren & girlfren. I didnt believe them cause i knew we were only friends. WHen my frends told me that, i couldnt stop thinking about it. One day i texted Brandon, Who do you like? He texted back, why you asking? " cause i want to know. He said "This girl. " who girl? Shes really close to me " who? I.... like you " ME? Really? Why? Cause i do... * this is really gettin long so ill skip some. BAck to the story. HE asked me out, I said yes, But everything seemed so different. & i though to myself i think i want my bestfrend back. So i told him that, I broke up with him, BUt he told me that he still wanted to be best frends, & i was like OF COURSE. MOnths passed, Our feelings changed. Me & him did alot ov things. & i REALIZED, That i like him.... THat you can really fall in love with your best frends. & sometimes when you guys DO be girlfren & boyfrend, things dont go well, you two change & see each other differently, & thats exactly how me & him was. WE had problems. & tha saddest thing, was we DRIFTING apart from each other:( I lost my best frend, & my Lover.


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