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      Love that killed


we dated for 7 years and some say 2nd -4th grade isnt a relationship but i belive it is. we dated from 2nd till 8th. we never broke up not even once. we loved each other like the sun and moon. we went into our first year of high school together and it it was going great i got to be cheerleadear acctaly the capton and to make things even better he was the quater back it sounded like a a movie and my bestie brandi was right there next to me she wasent a cheer leader but she was in the stands for all the games every singel one after every game my boyfreind kristian came to me and kissed me

at the end of the game he brought me to dinner it was wonderfull we went to the beach and fire works went off it was magical and we walked home but befor he droped me off he got down on one nee and propused i didnt now wat to say we were so young and i didnt now wat would happen if he just broke it off later but i said yes and i was so happy

the weekened went by and i never told anyone i was going to tell everyone on tuesday since monday was a holiday saturday i saw him once but he was with some guys i new they werent the pepole he ussaly hangs with they looked like a gang i was so mad and terrified at the same time what is something happened to him i wanted to go over there and yell at him but if i did wat would happen to me?? so i just wached as my so to be husband walked off with thosse jerks

sunday and monday went by i was busting with joy and angery but thosse to mixed just came out to notthing ness not nowing wat to do with the gang and not nowing how i would tell my parents and when i did id have to tell them about the gnag and kristian would be so embarrassed he valed my parent opion like it was gold on monday night i layed in bed staring at his football ring he gave me for an engagment ring

i woke in the morning and got dressed in white i felt it was opproprite for this occation i went to school the next morning and i was so wrried cus evry morning for 5 years hed meet me in front of the school and wait for me i waited and waited my eyes watered and i thought

"wat if hes haveing second thoughts?" i couldent wait any longer i walked in to the cheerleading gruop they stared at me with watery eyes i took a few steps back and went to the football team they also stared at me but with concern and i look at kristians brother he was sitting acroos the feiled crying i didnt want to now wat was happing

brandi walked up to me with tears in her eyes and yelled at me fercly say that i was an horriable person and i should go to hell i stared with sad eyes at her and she said "you dont now do you??" ans d she ran into the class

i walked straight to the team and cheerleaders and demanded to now wat happend my arms were all over the place hannah cuaght my hand and said "no , he proposed to you" everyone seemed so shocked and talor a boy on the football team that all ways looked up to kristian said

"kristian was killed monday night.

he was cuaght in the middel of a shoot out with the south gangs he was there to protect his brother and he got in the middel im so srry"

aflash back went to saturday and i saw a boy with kristian it was his brother i looked closer and ssaw a gun in his belt

i went back to real life my face was wet my bag dropped and i ran into the boys loker room none was there cus the sesson was over i went to kistian loker and saw the picture we were on the beach and i was in his armhis warm hug i can still feel it i went to his jersy i smelled it it smelled like the grass on da feild his aftersave and i saw his jeans i reached in his pocket and found the necklace i gave him i held it tight to my heart i grabed the necklace the picture and his jersy i walked out of the lokerroom and sat in the middel of the feild brandi and link is brother found me a wat felt like forever it was luch time link sat by me i looked at him and cried he cradeled me like a baby not letting go i barried my face in his chest i could feel brandis sobs and her hand on my back she pulled a dimond ring from her pocket she said that kristian gave it to her on sunday to give to u he said he new he might get hurt or killed and still wanted u to have this he said that he loved you loved you more than he could show but he tried his best to show it. the last thing he told me to say to tell u and his brother was good bye and he loved u both after that was black they said i fell asleep in links arms he carried me home and wouldent leave till i woke up wich was 3days later i got up and he was there waching i saw him and creid again he sat on my bed and cradeled me after that brandi cam in and said there was no point in going backk to school she said shed been there the whole time 2 all 3 of us were exscused for the rest of the school year since there was only 2 weeks left. we went to school but we either went to the feild or the lokers and then we went back to my house . his funarla was on the first day of summer only me link brandi his parents and 2 sisters and my parents showed we were the only invited befor the casket was closed i kissed his lips one more time and placed the picture of us on top of him they put his casket in the ground

and that was it the next 3 years link and brandi were the only pepole i hung with excepet for the games we all lost somethign that day a brother a son a freind and to me a husband i wear his ring to this day and i have never taken it off all 3 of us are in our 2 year of collage

on the day of his death i got a email and it said

i hope u never get this but if you do u now i am dead i cry as i write this well here is wat happened cus i now link wont tell you and here are some last words to pepole i love and care about

it as been 5 years since my death and i hope u have all taken it well that night my brother was in a fight i jjumped i to help when a gun was pulled on me and ur probly wondering who wrote this i left a note to my mom to tell u wat happened and to write my last words to u i wrote them just in case anything happened that night and i see it came in handy my brother all wasy picked fights andi have almost died every time so when it was a day for my brother to fight i write this and leave a note just in case now on to the peolpe i love

claudia i love u more than u now please keep the ring as an reminder and allways remeber i loved u so much i tried to show it everyday and to give u wat u deserved even when i new that wasent me i love u and i would love to see u one last time to kiss ur perfect lips and to say good bye fo here is my good bye i love u and i hope to see u but not anytime soon live ur life and ill see ya in heaven p.s ill put in a good word for ya

to my brother i love u u were the best lil brother in the world and ull be a star quater back one day i now u will i hate to admit it well i reall dont but u were allways better than me please take care of claudia for me shes gonna need some one there for when she gets hurt or when shes crys

and to brandi ur my wifes best freind and i hope u help her 2 like i said befor shell need it magorly pleas take care of everyone u were all ways the toughest girl i new and i love u as a sis

good bye to all of u and i love u all

i creied for another few days with link and brandi by my side i read that email over and over i creid whe he sai dhe wasent enuough for me because i new whe was.

after collage link propsed and to this day i feel a lil weried that i marreid my dead husband brother me and him have a boy and agirl

braind and i are still best freinds she comes over every friday so me link and her can go to kristian grave for a few words a flowers

i love u kristian

u would have loved chris and emily u would have been a great dad and a perfect husband i love u



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