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      Two years leading to nothing


i had a crush on this guy at school for two years and it seemed to me that nothing was going to happen.

although we had our ups and downs, we never got to date each other. up until now, two years later, i still cant understand why i fell so hard foe him in the first place...

every song on the radio meant something to me and i just couldnt get him out of my mind... he was like my own personal type of disease or infection.

he played e and used me ike i was his puppet, only used when he wanted to put on a show.

me, ever so gullible fell in his trap and couldnt get back out...

one day he texted me and told me that he liked me andhas for 4 months already. my heart was leaping for joy but i never expected what would happen...

later on in the day he texted me again and said that he likes me but doesnt want to go out with me because it would ruin his reputation. i quietly thought to myself what reputation he had that was so important.

after days of thinking my mind snapped to a conlusion. oviously he didnt want his friends to laugh at him and look down on him and make fun of him and so he finally gave up on me.

i was left there in the middle of his empty heart gasping for air and to be let out of this misery trap. he didnt find anything wrong with his actions.

he later told me that we were too young to understand love and so he left me there once again.

now as i think back on the incident i just wondered why i didnt have the courage to confront him and say that love didnt have a minimum age of when you can feel it or when you would stop feeling it.

to this day i have not fallen for anybody else but him... i just want to say to him that if i loved you then, i love you now and i will always love one makes me as happy as you do....

please email ideas for what i should do... thanks readers <3


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