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      Patience is a virtue


I met the guy of my dreams at the age of just 14. He was so nice, and he made me laugh. Only he wasn't the boyfriend type, I hung around him enough to know that he messed around with A LOT of girls. And he stayed in trouble. But I still liked him a lot. So I stayed his friend, and made it my business to be different from all the other girls. I'd flirt with him and was always on the phone with him, or he was at my house: but I never had sex with him. He was 15, and yes, having lots of sex, but not with me. I knew if I did that, he would treat me like all the rest.

Soon enough he realized that I was different, and he wanted me to be his girlfriend, only I wasn't sure he was really ready.

So I kept playing hard to get. He got into some trouble within the next year or so and was taken into Juvenile Detention. He kept calling and writing but after a while I started ignoring his calls and his letters.
So finally, he came home. 3 and a half years later. Now I'm nearly 18. And he pops back into my life. I remembered how much I used to love this boy and used to wish I could make him love me. Now he wanted me to be his and only his. We were older so I thought I'd give it a try. We finally had sex, and he made love to me in ways no other guy ever had. He told me he loved me, had loved me for years, and was falling deeper in love with me! But he had never been in love before and didn't know how to react to his feelings. He was a player remember? He wasn't supposed to be in love.

Love made him weak and vulnerable to me. So, he chose to cheat. To prove he was still "The Man" and he broke my heart. I wanted to leave him but I couldn't. I loved him so much. As a young girl I had told myself not to fall in love because he would hurt me, but as a young woman, I thought I could handle it. I told him I was leaving, and he got on his knees and he apologized, begged me to stay. he looked as if he could cry. (I sure was) So I stayed. He didn't know how to love me, told me to be patient with him.
So I was.

He cheated and I took him back. Over and over. Until I realized that it wasn't getting us anywhere. So I left him. I was in pain and missing him to death, but I stayed strong this time. It killed me not call him, to refuse to see him, not answer when he called, but I did it.

Soon enough he realized that I was the one. I loved him better than anyone else ever could. I REALLY loved him. Loved him in good times and bad, whether he had nothing or everything, I loved him. Through all the pain and lies, with or without him, I loved him. And he loved me. He wanted only me. Not all those other girls. Me.

I gave him another chance. Everyone told me I was stupid, that he'd only hurt me again... but I loved him. In all the time we were apart, no one had made me feel more loved then he did. No one made me laugh, like him. No one knew me better. Although he had cheated, no one treated me better. He filled me, he held my heart. He made me feel like the world was no obstacle, like I could walk on water. He was the love of my life.

I gave him another chance, and things are great. He's honest and faithful...and he loves me. A little birdie told me, they caught him shopping for an engagement ring--can you hear wedding bells?


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