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      Long distance breakup


Well i was dating this guy named jesse.we were so happy we went to the same school and were in all the same classes. We talked on myspace im every night. My mom and his mom found our conversations and printed them and confronted us about it. His mom told him to break up with me. He regected her and continued dating me. We both got grounded but we still loved each other.At the end of the year my mom told me i was moving to pheonix ,2 hours away!!! We talked on the phone every day and i went to his house one day. He didnt call and answer the phone all week so i wrote him on myspace. He told me he loved me very much and i would always be his first love but he couldnt take the long distance relashionship. A year later i talked to him and he is a total nerd! But he dates lots of girls. He is such a jerk . sometimes i wish i had him back but im glad i dont.


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