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      Suffering love


At my school we have two clases. we swich. so i was in the afternoon class and this boy was in the morning class. we sat in the same seat so we left notes to each other n thats how we met. then i got switched to the morning class but he really didnt seam to care. then i got his number n we started texting n talking to each other. i started to like him but then i found out that on valentines day he had given my best friend some gifts. the next day i ask him if he liked her n he said he did. that broke my heart to know that he liked her n not me. mostly bcoz i thought he was starting to like me. a few days later he tells me im his best friend. it was a shock to me bcoz he almost never hung out with me. from that day on we were best friends. then he started dating my best friend which broke my heart even more bcoz she never stoped taking bout him n all the wonderfull thing he says to her. they broke up one day. a few weeks passed n i told my friend that i liked him. i trusted him. n he was the only person i had told. then he promises he wouldnt tell him or anyone but one day he tells EVERYONE! i got really mad at him. at night he texts me n asked if i really did like him. i couldnt stand the pain so i just told him i did. he said that he liked me too. then school ended. i go to a trip for 15 days n wen i come back he texts me n askes me if i still liked him. i told him i did n asked y he was asking. he said it was bcoz this girl liked him too n that we were both funny nice smart n he didnt noe who to pick. after a long while of thinking he told me that he knew who he liked. i was with my cuzin that day n we were playin a game. he paused for a long moment n finaly he said that he liked me. i felt like i was in heaven. but then his brother was bugging me about y i liked him.we both like each other n were best friends. i think that now, my life is absolutly perfect!


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