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      First love


In my 8th grade class this boy named John was in most of my classes but he was so different from me.He was popular and tall and very out going,i was the total oppisit i only had a few friends was short and very math class the teacher had us sit next to each other so slowly we got to know each other.all year i knew i liked him but didnt know how to tell him i ened up writing a note to him.he thought i was cute but didnt like me the way i liked him.on the last day of school i thought i have lost him forever because we were going to be going to differnt high family ended up taking a picture of us together but they wernt to good with the camra so they didnt get the picture.his mom took a picture too so thats the only reason why i ended up calling him one night to see if i could get a copie of the picture.we ended up meeting at a park in town were we played some basket ball and had a lot of funn.slowly we begun to hang out more and more.he started to like me and ended up asked me out that was the most happiest day in my life.we had our 1st kiss together and iam 16 and going to be going in to 11th grade and we are still together and very happy.both of our familys love each other so it makes it that much better.


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