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      I was just a rebound!


i was with this guy for about four years now. we met under bad conditions we both struggled to find ourselves but once we made out and did it all in one night we fell for one another thts how our friendship grew and we offically made it our mission to make one another very very happy. he lives around the block from me. so it made it much convient for us to hook up. we became a unsepratable i did find out with in the couple of weeks that he was fathering a child from a previous relationship.@ the time he was 23 and i was 21. so his child was 6 years old he had him when he was 15 and his bbys mother was 13. so they were living together on and off raisng there only child, it turns out that she broke his heart do to excessive drug use he was abusing. so she left him. well i came along about a year later and things seemed peachy. now when she found out that he had gradually moved on she was upset and determined to get him back. but he had said he fell out of love for her. so he still kept me around. but the worst is yet to come. he invited me to go with him to pick his son up. we decided to take my car. so once she seen me it was tention and drama she exploded. but she was already preganant and involved with some one else. she also married the guy. who was much younger. me and her are the same age. well..i didnt understand why she would be so furious and it raised suspicion. well i knew she wasnt over him. and i felt like he wasnt intirely over her. beacuse he takes more demands from her like if he still owes her his life. they do share one child. and now his child is 11 and he focuses his love all on him and the mother it seems,. she divorced tht guy with in a years so u know he was jsut a rebound. and my guy broke up with me after all the energy and effort/trust i put into the relationship, i feel terrible and stupid for being his lil rebound. i never felt loved from the start i was blinded into thinking i found my true love. he still calls me but i changed towards him. so i just hope i will find the right mate and leave his ass in the dust! for good!


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