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      Why do all good things come to an end??


my first love. oh man how we struggled to stay together. we met because of my friend. he was a great looking senior and extreamly popular and i was only a freshman not even close to how popular he was. we went on a date and after the movies he said "nichole let me show you something". we drove to a ranch and it was beautiful at night. it was getting late and but before i left he kissed me. after tht we just hit it off. one day we had gotten out of school early so he and i decide to go get a bite to eat. while there we were laughing and just hainging out after we went over to my friends how and just watched tv on the couch. the last day of my freshman year a slip from the principle came to me. since im a good girl i raced to the office but before getting there i see him standing there shaking holding cupcakes that said (be my gf?) it was the kuteest thing a guy has ever done for me. i gave him a huge hug and i kiss and saud of course ill be your girlfrind. we had our ups and downs. no one expected for us to ever go out never the less fall in love with each other. but he helped me through so many things. we went to through hell and back in order to find happiness. one eveing we were watching a movie in his room he then pauses the movie and say "i dont want to ever loose you babe". i smile and kiss him. we were soo diffent yet so alike. i mean we fought but we never showedd it to the public we were always so dandy. we broke up after 8mths of dating. i ran into him again and he wanted me back but i coldnt do it. a month later i see him at a partywe say hello and move on. next thing i know i see him drunk all over a girl. broke my heart so i left the party he txts me saying "wow you say you love me but you leave the pary with another guy" i never txt back and we havvent seen or talked to each other since and the other guy i left the party with tht was my cousin from out of state. oh well i still love him and there isnt a day tht i dont think about him. its been about 6months since this incident but im only a phone call away.. i love you !!!!!!! oh boy you dont imagen how much i do.


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