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      Lost love


i met this kid because of my friends. we started dating. and at first i didnt think itd be serious.bc i hadnt had a really serious relationship. but it was. we dating for about 1 year and a half. we had are ups and downs. but he knew me. he was the only one that truly understood me. i could rely on him. but i took him for granted. i would break up with im when i got mad. and then wed get back together. and one day that happened. and this chick thats obsessed with him told me he kissed her.. so i asked him about it. and he was with his mom. adn his mom even swore he wasnt even alone with her. it broke my heart. bc i didnt know what was true.i loved him. i never cried over a guy till him. and he cried. and we talked about it and we got back together. but i can honestly say i never trusted as much as i did. and we started to drift apart. and i broke up with him. but i did love him. well cole tried killing himself after that, i later found out. i was a mess. i started cutting. he wouldnt message me back, he wouldnt talk to me. and that was bc his mom blocked my number. and i didnt know that. i thought he really truly stopped caring about me. ik we both care deeply about eachother. i was his first kiss. first love. etc. hes had other girlfriends and ive had other boyfriends. but no body can ever replace him, but im sure hes moved on.and that breaks my heart. but just earlier tonight he randomly messaged me. and i said i cant be his friend. bc itd hurt to much. and we got in a huge argument. and he said he never wanted to hurt me, and hel always love me. and so much more. i cried my eyes out. ik we both would try so hard to be with eachother. but so much has happened. and it would get in the way.


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