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I was in love, or so i thought i was...but now i know i wasnt but i now am..

i was in a relationship with this girl, and she was AMAZING, and wouldnt do anything to hurt me. I messed it up by telling other girls i liked them even though i didnt, i just liked the idea..and i shouldnt have AT ALL, and for once, after she broke up with me..after all the years ive done that to innocent girls, i found out that i have found the girl that i truly want to be with for the rest of my life..she means SOOOO much to me and i wont ever do anything to take that smile off her face. she is soo amazing and now after proving to her that i really could change..her and i are now back together and hopefully will last the rest of our lives together because i know i really do love her and i really do want to spend the rest of my life with her...she is the most amazing girl on this earth and i want her to know that!! so..if your reading this..know i love you!(:


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