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      The Downfall of Percy Cution


The Downfall of Percy Cution

By: Y. Leakvold

A long time ago, when the world existed in a less chaotic state, Percy Cution arrived on planet Earth. He was a villain with a mission and this mission encapsulated in a decree from Hades which stated this:

“Since our kingdom is at war against the Righteous Ones of the Yeshua Tribe; your mission is to seek out Yeshua`s Subscribed followers, torture them, hinder them and ultimately eliminate them. You must hurry and you must stop at nothing.”

So it was that Percy Cution set about to do evil and he was reckoned as a formidable foe. Among other achievements, he helped devise an intoxicating serum which was conjured to render it`s partakers powerless and robotic. You see, Percy Cution had formed a lethal alliance with the entities of Deception and Unbelief. Together, this Unholy Trio had master-minded a plot to take down the Yeshua Tribe.

First, the Trio would tickle the ears of avid listeners with a “New Theology” which in the guise of liberating them would lure them away from The Path of Righteousness. Knowledge would abound but pursuers of “Religion” could no longer know or demonstrate the Truth by the Promised “Signs-following”. They would boast a form of godliness but lacked the power that would evidence the Word of God. Although they would “talk the talk”, they could no longer “walk the walk”, so even their talk became lifeless, irrelevant and counter-productive.

An insidious toll was levied on the “Rest of the Believers and those who would not comply, became the most sought-after targets of Percy Cution.

From then on, Percy Cution was highly acclaimed in the Lower Courts of Infernal injustice. So it was that whenever Yeshua`s Followers stood up to Percy Cution, he would make their lives miserable beyond description. Percy would accuse Yeshua`s true Prophets before the Most –High God as well as in the Courts of Men. He would then take great pleasure in humiliating the true Saints with very sophisticated methods of torture.

Percy Cution was also acquainted with the Writings of the Holy Writ which spoke about Job and his hedge of protection but he conversely conferred in the same Inner Circle as Agent Nine-Eleven, therefore he was an expert at imploding infra-structures from within. But then, there was the so-called Remnant to contend with. The Lower Courts referred to them as the “Scum of the Earth” while the Higher Courts knew them as the “Salt of the Earth”. Whoever the “Peculiar Ones” were, Percy Cution hated them with a passion. They were as a rock of Offence to him, and an encroachment to his un-social Descent into Darkness via the Ladder of “Greasy Dis-Grace”.

Generally speaking though, things had gone quite well for Percy Cution during Phase 1 of the Overthrow. Most of Lord Yeshua`s Disciples lulled into the near coma-tose state of Unbelief. These were rhetorically charmed by smooth polemics which had an uncanny way of injecting the tiniest morsels of error. Eventually, the brilliant orators who formed the new, mutated Breed of Evangelists, Preachers, and False Prophets were able to convince the masses to “call evil good and good evil”. This worked for almost everyone except for a small handful of Yeshua`s Loyalists who were ironically but not surprisingly labelled as “Defectors”.

Amazingly, Percy Cution`s had proven to work against him in their case and had served to give these “Remnant Folk” the cutting edge. Needless to say, Percy Cution was experiencing a melt-down because he had employed several ingenious tactics which had failed to dissuade the Remnant. Simultaneously, Percy had been summoned to give account in the Lowest Court of Hades. Hence, he was left with no re-course but to report “Defeat” to his Commander in Chief, Lucifer. Percy Cution knew he would be met with deprecations, so he braced himself for the worst.

As Percy Cution descended through the Abyss of Despair he could hear horrible screams accompanied by the pungent stench of rotting flesh. After what seemed an endless journey, the guards to Leviathan`s Throne room jeeringly opened the Gate of Doom as they sneered and muttered unmentionable curses. Percy Cution was then met with a scorn that defies human understanding yet can be intuitively apprehended when in that realm. In the “Mean-Time” Lucifer`s attendants were goading Percy Cution with blazing pitch-forks. A sardonic smile swept across the fallen Arch-angel`s intrinsically evil countenance revealing decaying fangs dripping with putrid blood. Then, the Grand Master of Darkness opened his Jaws of Death and with the foulest breath began to emphatically his high-minded strategy.

“Master Percy Cution” he intonated, “I thought I`d give you a little fore-taste of your eternal reward. Ha! Ha! Yet, in spite of your “blankety blank” stupidity, I will give you one more chance. Here`s a clue which you`d better interpret as an order. And I`ll have you know that I`m neither interested nor impressed by your past exploits. I will not be pleased by anything less the total annihilation of Yeshua`s Remnant.”

“Your Majesty” grovelled Percy Cution as he prostrated, convulsing on a floor of smouldering dung; “How have I so miserably failed you???”

“Idiot” bellied Lucifer. “You have neglected to fully exploit the Remnants most vulnerable asset, the children!” He thundered. These words reverberated through the ranks of Hades.

“Get me their children!” Continued Lucifer; “Seduce them with the alluring treasure of darkness. Whisper in their ears how they have far-surpassed their Elders in Wisdom and sow seeds of hatred in their impressionable minds. Teach them that obtaining the power to subdue and control their Elders by betraying them is crowned with the highest success. Train the children to harness their parents` resources for their own selfish gain only to spurn these foolish parents afterward. Then, feed the children the lie that their parents are useless and disposable and that children should terminate their own parents for the greater good, ultimately, help the children execute their parents demise.”

Once this caustic ordinance was delivered and received, Percy Cution found himself hurled back up at ground level. He cursed the light for blinding his eyes and reached in his bag of perverse tricks for the thickest “Son-Blockers” available. Percy began to re-focus and to jealously covet the children for they were a pure and lovely prize. Stealthily, Percy Cution put on the stinking cap with the brand name: “IMPOSTER” after which he knew exactly how to defile the innocent children...

Once more, the infamous Trio of Perdition convened to re-visit Ancient Philosophies and to re-instil them. As a result, the Trio was once again applauded in all the Courts of Evil where they were also elaborately acclaimed for propagating the Philosophy which promoted the Emancipation of Children by removing the parents` right and duty to properly discipline them. The permissive mind-set which this stronghold created paved the way for children to become monstrous evil-doers. Among other feats, these previously docile children over-took the Establishment with impunity. Tragically, one of the Philosophy`s most deceptive ruse was to call Godly discipline abuse, incarcerating any parent who dared go against the status quo.

Because Percy Cution had been instrumental in implementing the new policy, he smugly expected to receive lavish adulation. Perhaps Percy could regain his Master`s favour after all. In fact, Percy was relishing in the fruit of his nefarious labours and gleefully surveying the devastation he had caused by breaking many parents` hearts (for he had seemingly ruined their lives) when an unexpected and sobering turn of events dampened his morbid enthusiasm.

One by one, the broken, exhausted Intercessors began to get up in the nigh to claim the promises of their “Sacred Writ” known to them as the Holy Bible. Subsequently, the men of God were convicted to become knighted in their true manhood while the Daughters of the Most High re-discovered the sacredness of their femininity. As it is written in the book of Malachi, the father`s hearts began to be turned back to their children and their children`s hearts were returning to their fathers. The veil of deception was lifting from more and more of the children, the fog of Unbelief was gradually dissipating from those who were zealous for truth, and there with sincere hearts began to perceive things very differently.

Many tears of repentance were shed on both sides as two generations who had been alienated learned how to embrace on e another. Fathers and mothers rose up in the reverent fear of the Lord and dared impart Godly discipline while children received and respected their parents` wisdom. Children were even compelled to seek out parental admonition for the consecration of chosen vessels who were willing to suffer much for Yeshua`s name sake.

Percy Cution shuddered as his last attempt was failing for he knew there was no antidote against this radical stance. These Saints understood what it meant to overcome the Blood of the lamb and the Word of their testimony. They had radiance on their faces like Stephens from the book of Acts who beheld the Glory of God as he was getting lapidated. At long last, upon hearing the pronouncement: “It is done”, Percy Cution plummeted into Eternity to his final Judgement.

As for the Righteous ones, the end of their story is guaranteed and is no Fairy since the King of Kings gave His Word and sealed it in a blood covenant. It shall come to pass that in the Fullness of time, after the Lamb`s supper, the precious Remnant of the Most-High God shall live happily ever-after as King Yeshua`s Bride.


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