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      Failing winner


Hi everyone I'm Rani and I would just like to emphasise on the fact that when you lose out in life it doesn't mean you are a loser, what I mean is I met a guy called Abid when I was 15 and I really liked him, I'm nearly 18 now and we are still going out, he was my frist love and will be my only love but the only problem is that we don't have each other written in our destinies because he is married and already was when I met him, of course he told me but I don't care because I know that he loves me, I'll be getting married this summer to my parents choice, and all I'd like to say is that the person you love doesn't have to be the person you marry, I know who i'll be getting married to and he is a real nice guy and i'll spend the rest of my life with him and maybe have his kids but i'll never love him....not as much as I loved my Abid, we promised that we'll still meet each other even after i'm married just as friends, we love each other so much but that doesn't mean that you have to be selfish, there is nothing that I can do and I don't even need to do anything because I know that wherever he is in this world he will always love me and I will always love him, and then maybe after we die we'll be able to meet up again in paradise where everyone meets their loved ones...yeah??

As I was saying that maybe I look like a failure but deep inside me I know that I am a winner because I have the love that no one can ever have in my heart and it will stay in there....cherished......forever.....


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