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      The forbiden rose


i was a maid in a house i was 13 when i first saw him they were tranning me. the fist time i ever saw him was with his ma he was so cute but he was 17 at that time he treated me like i was his little sister. he was the only kid, so of couse he was going to run the company . he went to study four 4 years. im 17 now im friends with all the maids of course im not a trainy anymore also his ma treats me like her daughter she is so nice. my job was to take care of her. i was her persenal maid her husband told her to pick one of the maids she picked me i was shocked but wat ever. she was really sick she didnt like hospitals so they didnt take her sh had a persenal doc as well.

when i was 15 they moved in mansion cuase they had alot of money. so now im 17 and thy are throing a party to calabrate madams birth day. she told me i had to was her b day so i seid of course. so she had me pick outone f her old dresses little did i know her son was going to be there. so doring the party when she came out whith her dress people were shock to see her buety. then i came out yong men smiled i was a little shy. when we came down the stares people claped you see she had blond hair blue eyes and a buetyful body also she had a white dress . i have blond hair and green eyes and a black and pinck dresss it was short and it flys. i was sarounded by rich old ladys calling me cute then i was saved by a prince in a black hourse(i say black hourse becuase he called me a double a cup also way to flat to be my girl but i grew and not to brag im pretty cute)he took me out side he sied wow you realy grow i was so happy, my face was red omg i reaally still like him so i told him i like him he sid look you are a brat but for some reason i like you. so he grabed me and kissed me he sied you better only look at me i saw that handsome man and seid as long as you dont cheat O K. i tride to get a rose but it plucked me and he sied dont do that stupid its the forbiden rose i sied your mom only told you that so you wont do somthing to it. the truh is they call it thet becuse hew ever gets plucked by it they fall for hew ever is next to them i guess it worcks cuase i love you he sid i love you to also for know on your mine and only mine so your not a maid eney more ok and your also gonna be in my room from know an forever ok. he huged me tightly i can hear his heart beat it maid mine heart go do fast it skiped a beat.

two months later he sked me to marry him or else he well never let me go out i luaghed be cuase he was red he was sooooo cute i sied yes his mom was happy and i stell took care of her becuse she only wanted me to . his father never smiled but this one time when hes wife smilled when we told her the big news and i smiled he smiled i was so glad also my husband never smiles only i see his buety ful warm smile THE END



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