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      My true love with donna sarratt


My real story about my true love

One day i was walk in park lonley in dark night then i till my self i wanna go

To cafe net its bettre for me not out all night lonley .

Search about love neve eer can thinki can found that love but who is know

Our future only god and angels.

Then im come to cafe net i found free place im on this computre then i visit

Google .and im write free dating find love.i saw a lot of ladies.but i dont like

But im not feel good to talk to them then mine friend come and told me join

To tagged is bettre site i say okey .

I open that tagged i do join it then i still search about love my lost love my first

Love .when im talk to any woman im not feel good then i was sad im off this

Computr back to home tomorrow imback to cafe net i cant found any thing then i saw lady

Write name (khadija) i saw oh my god she is muslum then i look at her profil i found alot of

Her friends maybe 500 and more theni was think maybe she cant talk to me then i say

Its ok im write her message plus poem(my sister in islam ). Then out from cafe net when im

Back next day i found her message i was so happy . then i back to send her again then

i found she send me her email i was so glad to meet her to talk her i was like some one

was in jail and didnt see my family long time that my feelings and my heart want talk to her .

then i add her email to mine then i talk to khadija when i say howare u she told me she is sick

h1n1 i say oh muy gpd i told her read koran u wanna be good shed id what i told her then feel

good .when i saw her first time on cam i was surprised becouse shewas so nice and sexy i m

never ever i cant forget first time when i saw her .

then she told me about her self step by step and i toldher too about my self but she was so

sad and crying she wastalk tome about her x boy friend he is hurt her and playing by her

heart i was so sad to heard every word out from her little heart and i wish be there to hold her

she talk to me only 1 hourte and half then my time end in cafe net i was so sad so angry then

i told her wecan talk later .

then tomorrow i meet her day by day we know each other day by day i ffel i fall in love with

her but that so fast from to tell her (i love you ) i was just choice this moment to tell her after

she was hold pain and hurt . i didnt tell her that then i take long time to tell her i love u

khadija i was fear she cant accepte that word after one guy from my country brocken her

heart but god know i fall in love her from first sight i was surprised when she cry i wish

drink her tears. And suck her tears in same time.

My love donna im very glad becouse god send u tome after i was so lonley …after not long

Time told me she love me theni can,t imagine how i wasso happy so tight becouse its hard

To find true love and real woman in this planet but this woman she is profect and sexy and

Honest 4 monthe ago we are great couple together now we have 6monthe from loe real love

Im so glad to god he is send me great lover donna sarratt adib and my baby i promise from

Now i will make u happy and treat you like queen i will protect you like protect my eyes

From winds ilove u more than any one more than my life i cant wait tohold u tight i cant

Wait to kiss you i cant wait to touch your lips becouse yiou my light i will do my best thing

To make u happy always baby i will be cover on you in cold night baby i will your knight

Every night and evey day and forever baby i love when u look at me becouse your eyes

Make me crazy your eyes makeme kiss them every time nad every night my lover ipromise

Now baby i will do any thing to prov to u that love we share together is real love honey

I love you i love you khadija donna ilove your voice baby so sexy like angel talk to me baby

Now baby ipromise togod when we get married i will do my best to make u great lady in the

Planet baby ilove u khadija

Your lover abdullah khadija


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