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      The married man


i met him in a filipino bar( im in Spain).

it was almost 10 in the evening, Sunday when our friend (Jen and I) came.She invited us to go out for a walk and we agreed.then when we were already out in our building they told me that it would be better for us if we took a drink.well, at first i declined but then after convincing me, i agreed.there is a bar near in our building(more or less 10 meters away).i never wanted to enter that bar coz there is a talk about it that many "singaporeans" stay there.( Singaporeans are those filipnas who came from singapore and they have a bad image here).when we passed at the bar, our guy friends were there.we told them that we wanted a drink but not we said our goodbyes and went to the other bar.we went to see the other bar but old people were there so we decided to go back to the filipino bar.we went inside and no seats were available.the table near the door was occupied but when the guys occupying it saw us, they offered it to us.well, we ordered whiskey(im not used to drink).we drink and talk. whhen another table was emptied we decided to transfer..well 4 seats were there but one of them was occupied buy the man who offered me the seat. we continued what we stareted and the man started to talk to us.well he asked things about our life here in spain and so on.he saked if we do have boyfrends, and we told him that we dont have.he didnīt believe us because he finds us, a joke of every man.we talked and talked,the four of us). he said that he is 30 and single (who would belive him.he doesnīt look like his age, he looks younger.he told me that i look familiar. he asked for our number, the 3 of us and we gave him. there were moments when i looked at him and i caught him staring at me.i just smiled.well, its almost 11:30 when they decided to go home.i was alone on the table coz my friends went to the loo..all i know was that they already exited at the bar..then he came right next to me and said goodbye.he asked for a my right cheek, it was cheek to cheek, but at the other side it was a smack.i looked at him and wanted to ask why he did that but then he said instantly that heīll gonna call me. i never thought about it.i let the night passedd with just the feeling of being beautiful because i caught the attention of 3 of the guys at the bar.well, i didnt do any scandalous act. i only drank one glass compared to the 3 glasses that my friends drank.

The next day, monday afternoon, my phone rang.a private no. was registered at my screen.i answered it and it was him.he introduce himself and asked me if i would goo out with him.well, i said yes with the condition that i should be with a friend..he told me that he could not take me away from his mind and he didnt know why.i dont believe him.we ended the conversation after 3 and a half minutes.

Tuesday. at same time, he called..same conversation and i tried to tell him about his wife..that maybe his wife will get mad or like that..he insisted that heīs single.well, i didnt argue with him.we ended the conversation and he said that he misses me.i just laughed at him.

Wednesday. he didnt called.

To be continued.


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