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      Wil ever he luv me


i m a gal of 24 when i was in college, i was never ever fall in luv even i used to mak fun of luv i thought luv is just a disgusting thing it is just total waste of tim as i paased my college i came to rajsthan to do my job n after many months i saw a boy there named aseem n fall in luv wid him means luv at first sight i cant believe that me ... can ever fall in luv with sumbody as time passed we spent tim with each other he also starting luving me till the day frm dat day even i dont knw weather he is in luv wid me or nt bc he is alwz sayng he luvs me but i nvr realized dat type of feeling frm his side n all u knw saying is not all thing now i m going to brk up my relation with him sumday sum how may be hewill realize dat how much i luv him i hav nt so much intersting story i m just saying i only luv him n i cant live without him n by writing dis story even i changed the title many times bc i dont knw wht can b the title of my story u knw he cant marry me datswhy i m gng vry far frm him frm today if sumbody can suggest me wht shd i do to live my life happily so plz feel free to suggest i just wanna say plz i cant live without him n by going far frm him i just make him realize dat i luv him so much


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