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      Confusing,,,,,but ill always love her


Some of you may think im too young to write on here about love,if your those people you probably also think im to young to know that im in love with a girl.Ill start with our first date,the location was perfect,grassy setting,a warm day and some friends to make it less awkward i guess.Yeah well it wasnt a real date technecally speaking but at that time we both agreed it was.She asked me out which took me totally by suprise,after considering things i said yes.Our date didnt go as well as i had ex diceded to call halfway through the date(making me upset). At the end of the date we said goodbye to our friends and sat on a bench(i still remember what bench,where it all happened),yeah i know what your thinking"we kissed",well sorry to dissapoint but we didnt. she sat down and began to talk about figuring things out that day,then she got to the part about us and how we should just be good friends.You know in movies when someone gets there heart broken or the relise something horrible time slows down and everything around them goes fuzzy and blank....well thats what i remember happining,she stoped talking and i got up off the bench and with all the might i had said..."i have to call my dad" heart had been broken that day and i could barley look at her the next day,But it was impossible to stay away from her. To this day i rememebe the day i almost got her,we are really good friends at the moment and i hope that lasts forever. I wish more than anything i could be with her in a romantic way...but beeing friends makes my day a whole lot brighter because i get to be aroung her all the time...i fall in love with her all over again when she walks through a door or smiles at me,or give me her famous sad face. Im always gonna love her and i hope one day she finds love the same way i have...either with me or someone else...aslong as she is happy.

p.s. I love her more than i thought i ever would and my heart will always be an open door for her if she wants to walk in


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