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Ive known this guy for a while nothing like a lifetime but long enough to say I know his name . I find it hard to fall in love because I see myself more as an ugly duckling then what most girls my age should be which is of course the beautiful swan . Ive been so use to sticking to what Ive known and done best that when I first talked to Him to me he seems different then most if not all the guys I see . I kept my feelings to myself when it came to him because of not knowing how to react towards him . Id be sitting in a pew at church minding my own business when hed sit right next to me while this big goofy smile that would always make me blush . Id start to think " Why me ? there were other far more prettier girls that would die to sit next to him and Im sure his friends would like his company why would he choose to sit next to me ?" . Its sad to say I slowly developed a crush for him and everything he did didnt seem to help the situation out any . I finally owned up to my feelings and told him how I felt . In the long run I was an idiot to do so I mean who am I kidding I am forever doomed to remain single till my last breath what guy would want to be with me ? When I told him how I felt about him his actions and additude took a one/eighty and we began to argue and bicker over the dumbest things ... Him telling me to be logical and that he was never my bofriend and me trying to explain to him that I know that he wasnt and that I was trying to be logical but the actions that he chooses to take and how he chooses to speak to me would always get me to question " What if " . I guess in reality I dream to much and hope to great for something that will hardly if not ever happen to a girl like me . Writting it down and reading about it in love stories that have the happy endings seem the best bet and only choice for me . Selfish as all this may sound .


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