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      A love i wanna try to keep 2


I dont know if you remember me. But i wrote part 1 of this story. The first part of this story was about me and my boyfriend and how we lvoe each otehr so much and dont want lose each other. We planned to marry each other and everything. But...i found out that i was moving. It was hard for us both and didnt know what to do. Since we both found the one we want to live with the rest of our lives., i am moving. It could be Japan, Indiana, California, or Arkansas. We still are going to try to stay together. But we need more help than what we got. You see there is only ONE spot in Indiana and thats the closest to him, my friends, and family. So, im really hoping that we will get that spot. But, its gonna be a close one if we do get it.

You know how we said that we would wait for each other no matter how long it takes? Well apparently we both have had dreams that when i move we will keep waiting for each other but never find each other. Its sad, it really is. And i have cried many times because of that and because he keeps bringing it up.

Im so afraid that hes gonna find someone better than me and not tell me until i go and visit him or until i find him once i come back and go to college.

Im also afraid that when i move im gonna cry day and night, like i have before, and make myself sick or hang out with the wrong crowd and become emo and gothic. Im scared. Really really scared and so is he. And i dont want that. We all should be happy! :)

So, if you have any more advice...i am willing to read it. Even if it is bad.


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