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      Somebody is hurt


I have a kid with J but i hurt him. I even broke up with him because of K. Now, I still have K in my life.J is still waiting.

I was living with J for more than 3years now and now that we are no longer in good terms, I decided to leave the place. I sacrificed to live with him for our kid even though everyday, we fight.

K came into my life when i felt empty. I thought of having good and happy life with him. K had a kid with someone else but he never let me feel that he still love that someone else. I trusted him.

K and I lived in for more than 2 months. But it was private. Nobody knows that we are always together. Our relationship was complicated.

At some point in time, J knew that I was in loved with another man. J confronted me and asked me what went wrong with our relationship. I could not tell him anything because all i knew was I fall out of love when he left me for his training and when I started to realized I was happy with another guy. I knew I was so selfish. I knew I have created a massive destruction in my life.

My family knew about it and they started to ask him questions. They started to hate me and brace me with their securities. They started to guard me so that I would not be able to see K anymore. But it didnt end up like that. I still betrayed my family because they would not understand me. The only thing they wanted is for me to marry the father of my daughter. My family had threatened me because of the problem I created.

I do not know the answer. K sometimes let me feel not so secure. His mom does not like me either.

Although K is part of me, I do not think that he will always be. I believe we are still young. He still can find another lady or maybe he will realize to reconcile with the mother of his baby.

Life is so unfair. I have given my love to K. But I am still afraid that he will leave me. Sometimes, the one you choose to love,does not give the same love you have always dreamed of.

Though the world is against us, I make myself believe that we will stay for as long as we live.I still believe that he loves me too.

I hurt J and he already had mark all the bad experiences about us. But he is still willing to change everything if I will be willing to as well.

Choices are there but chances are not. This is a battle between to love the one you love or to love who loves you.


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