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      Not one day goee by that i dont wish you were mine.


my name is meagan, im 15 years old.

i just recently gotin out of a rough relationship a week before i met this boy name ryan, he was new to my school. he had dark brown hair, skater boy type, and was pretty much perfect. we had a few classes together, and convenitly our 7th pd techeer paired us up for a project. we started talking, becoming bestfriends, he had really tookin an interest in me. i really thought he would ask me out soon. untill he got a girlfriend danielle.

even though he hass a gf, i am some how falling for him.

we have this thing were in 3rd pd we hold hansds the whole time. he has even asked me to feel on his dick and has touched mybutt.

i really like him.

but he has a gf.

thats the only issue.

im not even sure if he has feelings for me, or if its all a big joke.

im not sure what to do.


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