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      My Fairytale?


it was a late afternoon when i decided to go out for a coffee. So i throw on my jacket and i head out the door. i had only taken a few sips when it started to rain. I was not going to sit around and get wet so i got my coffee and left. but on my way out i bumped into this guy. his name was Braden. he had brown shortish hair and a beautiful smile. he was comming in as i was going out and we smacked into each other. he had said sorry and then looked up. he looked at me in a way, that no one had ever looked at me. he stoped what he was saying and stutered a moment untill finally asked for my name. i said it Was Ally. he smiled and said what a beautiful name i had. he asked me to sit down for a minute, so i did. i spent the rest of the afternooon talking to this gy,in the pooring down rain. we had SO much in common. i was falling head over heels over this guy. the next night i recived notes and flowers and letters, saying to come meet him, but sadly when i would send a reply i would never have a answer back.= i fely horbill not seeing him, my heartached. i was determened to find him. so one day i followed the address. i came up to this apartmebt. when i got there i knocked on the door. a little girl answered the door. i asked her if Braden was there, she said why do you want to see my dad? DAD! i said under my breath. was, this guy i loved not really full heart to me? i asked if i could come in untill i heard a womens voice say honey who is there. i slowly backed out ofthe door way and told the girl to tell her father i stopped by. i had cried a whole pillow thaT Night. i had yet another heartbreak.


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