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      Together Forever.


It all started at a massive party when a guy called Niall spotted a pretty lady called Jordanna. The only problem is Jordanna is engaged to another guy called Ben. She loves Ben with all her heart and wouldn’t do anything to hurt him.

When the party kicks in Niall decides its time to go up to Jordanna and asks if she will dance with him. But of course she is getting married so she says ‘No sorry’. He is then thinking to himself ‘why is it when I ask people to dance with me they always say no? Is it because im ugly? What?

Ben has that he wants to go and ask Jordanna if she will dance with him. Of course she is going to say yes. She they went up to the dance floor and shared a passionate kiss.

Ben could taste her strawberry lip-gloss, the smell of her coconut hair and her hand was as soft as a thousand feathers. He could also see that special twinkle in her eyes and he could hear her voice over and over again in his head.

By Xx Louise Parkin xX


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