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      Lifetime love by crazy girl (Aks)


this is a story about a girl who believed that love was an illusion, but sumwhere deep inside her heart she had a bit of hope. hope of finding her prince charming someday...

it all started when she met this man who became her friend. he began by finding ways to win her heart, but she was attached to the "love is just an illusion, it doesnt exist" theory. all she wanted was to take advantage of the situation,enjoy some moments with him and then... the end. that was her plan,nothing serious. so she went ahead with it, promised to meet him in new years day.when she stood in front of him, he was speechless, stood there with his intense look and said that he could not believe that i was there with him,for him it was like a dream.she just didnt say anything, grabbed him and kissed him.they kissed with such feverish passion and for so long that they lost track of time and didnt even realize that it was exactly midnight and it was the beginnig of a new year.they stood there on each others arms,lost in that precious moment apart from the rest of the world, watching fireworks in the sky...

after the little adventure,she didnt want to give him hopes so she made it clear for him that what they had was amazing but she didnt want any relationship with him.he tried to explain to her that he loved her,she didnt listen to him,just laughed and told him that love doesnt exist.time passed but he didnt give up.he kept trying to make her change her mind about love.but she was really stubborn and so was he.he did crazy things and never gave up until the day she saw tears on that manīs eyes, so much sorrow in those eyes, so much longing that melted her heart,she felt her heart tight and for an instante she realized that he was the one, so she gave in.

at last she fell in love with him, deeply in love. this love which possessed her whole body, her soul and her mind. for the past months she was living a fairy tale. she was indulged in a warm world, assimilating love, tasting its sweetness. falling more and more...becoming more dependent on it. making promises to each other, making plans for a bright future. everyday was a perfect day next to him. love was not an illusion at that point. it was the most amazing thing GOD invented...sometimes i thought it was a dream, too good to be true. i was scared to wake up from this dream. just wanted this dream to last for a lifetime, just wanted him to be next to me until the end of time.

i woke up from this dream when hidden thorns came up, pricked me and my blood oozed into this ocean of roses.our love was impossible, because of many social and religious issues. but maybe that was an excuse...because if both of us truly believed in love and trusted our feeling we would still be together until the end of our lives,build our house with the sunrise and sun fall everyday of our lives, we would have our four vestiges of our love, our 4 children.go around the world . stay together forever.but after this i realized that we had never loved each fact love doesnt exist,its something that we try to make it seem possible, but it simply isnt.wonder who invented the character prince charming... illusion is illusion...reality is reality!!


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