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      No Where to Begin


Things change overtime since my first love arrived in my lfe. No one knows who he is, what he was, or his physical appearence. All I know is that things still remain a mystery.Its a secret that I will never reveal, and for those who read these words will understand the pressures of letting go.

It was a wedding in the fall of 2007. By this time I was fifteen years old. As everything was going by smoothly the most attractive and mysterious guy stood across from me. I entered at the front door feeling my heart beginning to pound. Time stopped. Our eyes met with such intenstiy, that I didnt know anywhere else to look, feel, or move. But my body was frozen. I pretended to hide my emotions, but deep inside of me I was beginning to crumble. I introduced myself to everyone at the event, but the mysterious boy. It was as if our attraction was so strong, that the isolation between us, seemed even stronger. Because it was love at first sight.

Later on in the evening, I sat down on the couch. Alone. Just thinking. Until a sihoulette appeared out of nowhere. Little did I know it was the boy standing infront of me. He sat down, sipping his drink with grace. He started to talk and after that moment my heart was racing. We became closer, we gazed into eachothers eyes. And whenever I was in another room he would follow my pace. He touched my hair, gazed at my body. Was this something even more deeper?

I went upstairs and surprisinlgy he followed me. It was only until then, that he gently pulled me up close to him, and started to kiss my lips softly. The fire between us was strong, and I wanted this night to last forever. Luckily no one caught us in the action. I pulled away slowly, because I felt like it wasnt the right time. However he refused, he wanted more of me. And eventually we kissed longer.

It was time to leave. My heart was healed. But I knew this would be the last time I would see him again. Till this day, I wonder if I can get the chance to see him again. But my imagination lies within the memory.

We were both fifteen, and now two years have gone by withou a word.

Mysertious Girl


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