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2009 was a year that will change my life forever’s, sitting outside on one summer’s day a flash of beauty just passed by me…..her name was Sonam, now this was love at first sight gasping for breath I tried to get control of myself but I can’t….. “This moment was going to change my life forever’s “------- I thought.

From that day onwards I looked at her eyes, I know she is the one, the one I would spend the rest of my life with her until time was done……… *******something secret hidden here*********

She called me stating that she was suffering from T.B and she was undergoing treatment, this was disheartened to me………

Next morning my friend Thinley and me went to Kanglung to meet her. When we reached there we found her mouth was covered with mouth cover, it was sad to see her in that condition but we can’t help her……

After few hours sun went to western horizon leaving as in darkness, then she went to her room and I and my friend went to friend’s house. Around 10 PM I made a call to her will you permit to come in your room, she said, “yes”, then we went to her room, and we found her father and step mother was also there as her attendant. After an hour they felt asleep. Then…………….

Then evening is the most romantic as I could get a full moon with the backdrop of lovely mountains, I start to talk with her, hold her hands and after a minute I put my hand inside her shirt and start play with her breast ,***********---------------*************. She gives her hand and we hold hands. Her hand was softest hand I have ever held in my life. I just could not go from that moment forward.

We walked around the B.H.U building holding hand each other, my heart pounding away as I have never felt like this for anyone in my life; I was shocked at the way my hearts was pounding. This was the first time I had all these emotions, when just new to me.

This was the night where the grass was green; this was the night where the moon lit so bright. This was night of discovery…..the night of recovery……. this was the night of a new love, the night where we became one.

We walked and shared our feeling the evening felt too short, I put my arms around her I feel her soft lips on mines and this was my first kiss. I kiss her passionately as I have kissed anyone like this before. I felt embarrassed………did I kiss her correctly or did I look so stupid. For me this was the kiss of a life time. From the moment forward all I could do is only think about my love, I always think of her…… “This was the start of a relationship that would last for eternity.”---------I thought.

I always told to her, “I want to marry with you.” She used to say I too, our promises were broken after death, my dreams are left as dream itself, my hopes are not fulfill , her hopes too……

“Life without you is meaningless.” I always praying to meet you in next generation, with a same qualities…….


By Sonam Jamtsho


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