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      2009 summer


hi my name is andrea.

im 18

last summer i had this crush on a boy who lived right beside me. his name was john and i had a boyfriend named anthony but i barely saw him. john and i started getting real close. we spent long days outside on my trampoline just talking. he was so comfortable with my family n so was i to his. later on i found out that anthony, my boyfriend, and john were really good friends. that ment if me and john were ever to have a relationship i would look bad. so the days went on and me n john were like best friends and we got closer and closer. till one day i broke up with anthony, he told me that he loved me and he got me diamond earings for my birthday which was in 2 days. then i started going out with john the nite right before my birthday. we went everywhere together i really loved him n i guess he loved me to until one day he said he was leaving to new mexico and when he came back he wouldnt live by me anymore... i cried so long n den came the day he left we spent it together then the first week was going good until he changed. he dumped me on myspace. i really thought he loved me and n that was 5 years ago... i still love him more than he could imagine...


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