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      My love story x


hi im lara, im 12 yrs old.

i sit next to this boy called harry in english lesson...he was such a shy and sensitive guy and very cute too. so i started crushing on him.

one night, me and harry was talking on facebook, and he asked me who i fancied, this was the moment of truth. i told him it was him that i fancied. and i asked him, and he said he fancied me too. i was so happy.

its been 2months since i told him that. we still feel the same way about each other but neither of us had the courage to ask each other out. so it carried on as a friendship, but we both knew our true feelings. we kept on talking on facebook. until finally i had enough.i asked him out, he wouldnt answer me, he kept on saying i dont know. a month later, there was a disco. i asked him out again. he hesitated at first. and kept runnin away. i went to the toilets and startded crying cause i thought it was gonna be a no. but turns out it was a yes!!!

so now we are going out. the next day my mum suddenly found out. my family doesnt approve of me havin a boyfrend. she screamed at me.

on monday, i told harry about this, he was worried too. but i told him not to worry. my mum forgot about it, and everythin has been fine since, yes we had small arguments but we talked it out. right now, we have been goin out for 2 months, without my parents knowin.

everything is fine. i love him, he loves me. i just want my parents to understand how i feel about harry and finally give me th permission to go out with him.

but if they dont give the permission to me, ill keep on fightin, i love him too much to let him go. xxxxxxxxxx


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