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      So close yet too far. part 3


hi. if you read the 1st part of this story you will now that victor and i were so in love but our parents dont want us together.

well i would suggest to read the biggining so you can understand better

well anyways i talked to victor 2 weeks ago and told him to promise me that he wont skip school anymore and he did.

since then weve been dating again. and we see each other when we get out of school.

well last week i was going to gym at 3pm but the teacher didnt go and my parents though i would be in gym and then i saw victor and we went to a small park were nobody goes hahah

well we were there two hours talking hugging and remembering all the good moments. but then we were going to the bus stop and victors mom was there and she told him "thats how i wanted to get you" i didnt say anything and waited for victor to come with me then his mom got in the bus and when she sat we both went with her and talked to her about how we feel and she said she understands and that she wouldnt say anything. but i dont really trust her but i hust hope she doesnt say anything

well im turning 15 in may 27 and i want to ask my dad for permission to go out with victor formally and not hiding.

although i already talked to him about it and he said no.

so now im going to try to get straights As . and try to be responsable and i hope that works.

please comment and if you can let me now how to convince my dad to let me go out with victor just let me now please because i really love and he loves me and i dont want to let this just pass by with out fighting for what i feel.



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