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      My boss, my boyfriend


I had a boyfriend he was my boss. At first he was so good to me, whenever our company have tournaments he would fetch me and drop me off at my house after the game, we always go out, out of town (at baguio, majayjay, antipolo, binangonan, resorts at rizal) and he would let me fill in the emptiness in me that I’m longing for so long, he would always call and text me, call when I get home, text if I had breakfast, lunch and dinner already. He would greet me first thing in the morning. At have a goodnight call at night. Secretly he gave me roses and chocolates at my 21st Birthday. Then he became by boyfriend. I knew everything about him. And the very sad part is I knew he already have a family, he lives with his wife and his son. Yes, I accepted it, that he’s not only mine he belongs to someone else. But I love him so much. I gave gifts to his son, I remember the time that we went out to a park at Rainforest Pasig with his son. He was my first, and I felt that I would fight for my love for him. All I wanted to be his “WIFE” and to be the mother of his children in time. I love him so so much.

Time came that we fought on several things; jealousy set us at a distance. I shouldn’t have started it for I shouldn’t be like this. We broke up and it’s been 1 year and two months since I last saw him, I haven’t heard any from him, the last time we talked he told me that he has a new gf my officemate (who already have two kids). She’s the one I’m jealous of, and she’s the reason why I broke up with him. I don’t know if thatis true or not, but the thing is it hurts a lot when I heard it. I don’t know what happened to him. And I wish, that their secret relationship ended already.

I think of him a lot, I want to talk to him again. I would like to tell him that he means a lot to me. No, I don’t want to win him back, all I want was “US” to be friends.


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