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      Kyle Was The One


it was grade 07 and my friend matty was with me i told her i had a crush on this guy , she told meh who i pointed him out and it turned out that she knew him , she said shell ask him out for me and she did and he said yes , i was so happy and shy though until a week later we broke up so i went up to him and told him i still liked him and i wanted to go out him again he said yes after a few weeks i was inlove but then came up to meh and said he wanted to break up i lokked AT him and said ..okay... so then on i ran to the bathroom n started to cry , few days later matty asks meh if i wanted to come over i said yes then we went on her computer and the guy i was inlove with asked her to meet him obvisly i was goinq n i seen him he kept followinq her all around the park and i was kinda gettinq suspious then just about we were goinq to leave he called matty back n ASKED HER OUT rite in front of meh she rejected him because she was inlove with some1 else i was goinq to cry bt i held it in and we got to her front door i told her i wanna run over there n tell him i relle love him she said okaay and said to kiss him , i ran up to him i kissed him but when i opened my eyes it turned out i kissed his cheek he looked aT meh and said i dont love you i hugged him tellinq him i relle cared for him i started to burst out with tears in my eyes i looked at him and said okaay then ill leave matty took my arm i started to cry again n matty started to cry to and said she sorry for lettinq kyle love her instead of meh THE END


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