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      I need advise. please give this writing a minute of your time. thank you


i need advise because its goin to be 4 years of loving someone whos not around anymore. he went to my high school 07 and we meet by a friend out of school. we were together for almost two years. i lived with him for a little bit and got pregnant but didnt have it, because i knew we wasent ready in all reality, i was 17. i went though alot or stuff with him good and bad. he had his wrongs and i had my wrongs. i was a big part of his family.. till this day when i see his family they always talk to me. we broke up in late mid 08 but still seen each another for a few months. till i found out he was with someone else. now they bin together for almost a year or a little bit more. we use to talk not much after i found out about her cause i was already fed up with all his games. the last time we did talk he told me he wanted to b with me in the future and he didnt wanna loss me, that was in oct or nov of this year. months pass and i saw her for the first time and she is like 7 or 8 months pregnant. when he told what he told me in oct or nov, she was pregnant at the time, crazy rite. i wish i could say this is jus a love story cause love isnt perfect love is love but i guess is a heartache story. i love this kid and i did try a lil to be his friend but i couldnt. and even with him have a child, a boy by the way, i still have hope for us in the future.. i guess tho im jus at the point that maybe i need to give it. and if i give it up i feel like it wasent ever there(cryin). off course this story is cut down on the details. i jus wanna say im 19 go to college, work, and planning to get my own place soon. so its not like im bummed out heartbroken. im a girl thats heartbroken but always on her toes, you would never know whats goin on inside unless you know me. i hope i get some comments, answers, even questions but hopeful answers. thank you.


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