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      I love him but he hurt me:/


I have a friend & she has a brother that i had a huge crush on so she told him if liked me & he said yahh so i got so happy but idk one day he said that he likes me but i bugg & he his sister said yah but she has alot of fellings for you & he said yahh me to but she stalkes me but i dont he just cames out of no where when i heard it today i stared crying over that i fell soo bad because i really like him eith all my heart && he does care the worst part about it is that people heard it && staried singing stuff like yahh that should be u && stuff i fellted so hurt i stared caring more and he has a friend that idk if hes going out with her but this guy put there names togert && it made me fell way worst uqhh i hate him but then i like him so today i saw him and he huged me but idk because he hugged me i dont do anything uqhh i feel so bad:(


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