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Wasnít c0ming back till spring so I was in the hall when my friend comes running and said HIS BACK HIS BACK!!! I couldnít believe it so I went to go see turns out It wasnít him it was some new guy named Hector (I MADE THE NAME UP didnít ant to say names). I was so disappointed turns out I started day dreaming about hector so I fell in love like that I forgot about the other guy hector would tell me I love you so much then the other guy came back I loved him as my brother and I told him Iím sorry but I donít love you any more he frowned and said I now I see how you look at hector but I still care for you it sucked to hurt him but he found someone else then me and hector became an item everybody wanted to know why did I fall for him then my parents told me we were moving to a different CITY I cried and cried after I told hector that it was over. A SUMMER LATER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I began 6th grade in a new school and new city I walked into 1 period I saw hector there sitting I tried to talk to him but he would just walk away and ignore me then one day I asked him what happened To I LOVE YOU so much he turned away and said nothing. on a Friday I was walking out of art class he stared at me as I walked then told the guy next to him I CANT TELL HER Sheíll hate me I just kept walking then on Monday the teacher was all like where is hector and his friend said he moved to Texas I was shocked and started crying at my desk I told everybody something got in my eye when about 6 months past I forgot all about him and I was at the park got a text that said I love u and Ill move back just for you I knew it was him and I said no forget me forget my number and forget California I donít need you anymore and from that day on I never heard of him I guess he was just a big mistake...............


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