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      Would you ever think about April 1 Being worse than just jokes??


One day in the middle of math class we bumped into eachtother we had been in that class togther for half the year we didnt even know eachother existed. I went on myspace saw his picture and added him we started talking and then soon he asked for my number i gave it to him right away. He was so sweet just the way he talked to me it felt we had known eachother forever. i thought maybe i would have a chance with him.

It was one night before spring break we seen eachother and hung out till midnight. Spring break came and i had left for a week and we texted and called eachother all the time non-stop. We never asked eachother if we liked one another we just thought. One morning i woke up to a text "Morning Babe" i just blew it off. Throughout the day he kept calling me babe i didnt know what to say so i just acted like it wasnt there. i asked him "why wont you just aske me out?" he replied i want to do it in person" After the week of texting and talking we decided we would see eachother again so we did the night i came back.

We went to the park and started holding hands and holding eachother it felt so right he later Said "i got a question Will you be my girl for the end of time?" i didnt say yes i said "i guess!!" he was confused "you guess?" i ended up saying of course. we started hanging out everyday after school and going to lunch. He was so amazing. i could not keep my mind off of him he was so incredible. we kissed and it was like a whole new world flying around. we had so many memories and we had so many laughs and i love yous i thought it would never end. he told me i will never cheat one you ever. i knew he wouldnt. he told me he had never loved a girl besides me. i was shocked. We started to really get to love eachother and then one day we spent the whole day with eachother no one else around it was amazing. the next day we hung out and everything was fine EVERYTHING. that night he txted me and told me he was thinking i was confused he didnt want to tell me so i just left it he said i flirted with another girl and i am so sorry i feel so bad i was heartbroken i was. just the weekend before that he had told me "i love you and will forever and i dont want you to ever forget it" i asked him the next day if it was true he said it again. there was this girl he said i know her and i saw her and just started flirting i dont know how he flrited with her or anything i was just so confused why would he do that to me? i told him to just forget about it i love him i still do.he told me he was going to get to school early to see me so he did and we talked and hugged it was like nothing happened and he said he had a april fools for me the next day was april 1 and he said i need to think and i said so do i thinking it was a joke appareantly it wasnt we split that night never knowing it was going to happen. we always look at eachother in the halls and in math but never speak just smile. this one kid grabbed my phone and i had to like jump him for it he just sat there and when i looked at him he looked as if he were gonna cry. i felt so bad but just remembered what he had done to me and that we were no longer together. i tried to forget about him but it just doesnt happen. we clicked from the beggining and i had never felt myself with any other guy than him. my friends tell me its his loss but its mine to. i just wish he knew i still loved him. just yesterday we bumped into eachother like we did in the very begining we talked and then just let eachother go. our last kiss was right where our first one was right by my house it is so hard to even think about it. i wish we were still in love.

I am 15 almost 16 a sophomore and this is my second time i have been heartbroken.


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