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      Dishonest lover


The days when we were together like we were spending moments in heaven, he was a married from the starting and having two kids! He was a doctor by proffesion and was working on a new project, a hi-tech hopsital, it was his dream, he needed a dedicated and honest staff in his tough time, i met him then and gradually he made me realized that how special am for him. One day when he proposed me and promised me that he could never ever leave me until my

death, i accepted his proposal and decided not to get married with another one. And we both fell in love very deeply.

But destiny has made a plan something esle for me. A female nurse had joined the hospital who was very telented, as a boss he got attracted to her and used to pay attention more than me... gradually he started chating with her in whole nights, texting, spending more time with each other, exchanging of lovely mails, late night talking on mobiles... when i came to know all these, i objected him, but he told to find my own way when he achieved his goal, i also told the truth about our relationship to the nurse, but she wanted to continue friendship with the doctor. Finally I left him in deep sorrow, but always tried to keep in touch with him. Now that nurse got married with someone else and he is all alone with his family, again we got into talking terms but nobody can heal my wound which i got from him and the nurse. I still love him from the bottom of my heart!

his janu...


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