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My life has find my way to my true love.

I was 4th year highschool when we encountered problems that urged us to migrate in Quezon. My father decided to transfer there and continue my studies.

That was August 8, 2008 when i met this guy who supposed to be my present boyfriend. Standing infront of many eyes while introducing myself was not easy. After my speech, one of the 4A students stood up and had his welcome speech. Everybody yelled and linked us to each other.

That day was so memorable espacially when we played "spin the bottle". There, i answered so many qustions they wanted to know. They interogated my lovelife. He was there! After the happenings, everybody had gone home. Suddenly someone texted me. i was surprised knowing he was the guy! We texted until midnight. We got to know each other. Surprises came. It was destiny that even the sitting arrangement agreed to us. He happened to sit behind me and so day after day, we became close. He courted me for almost two months. It was October 10, 2008, when i celebrated my 15th birthday. After that day, we became officially lovers. Every 11th of the month is for us :)

now, we are going stronger and stronger.

my family know him as well as his family does. be continued<3



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