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so i have had this best friend who is a guy forever! we tell each other evertthinng:) he has always been there for me through all my breakups and makeups:) i love him to death!

well i started dating his best friend about 2 months ago......we were together all the time and i really loved him. we were always together and i was so happy! we did "things".....then randomly one sunday he told me he didnt want a realationship...i was heartbroke, it killed me. at school the next day i found out he was talkin/liking my bestiee. that just made it worse. i told my guy friend and i sat there and cried on his shoulder for a while...we talked about it and he promised me it would be ok and threatened to kill the guy.

well since my guy friend is amazing and great and has always been there for me........everyone tells us we should be a couple but i still love my ex???? what should i do??


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