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      I knew it wasnt the truth


when i was in eighth grade, i had one class with a guy i really liked. one day, i dropped my phone in class and he grabed it before the teacher saw it he gave it back to me after class and said that he put his number in it. that night, i texted him. and he texted back. and he told me that he liked me. and i said that cool and that i liked him too. he said that he wanted to go out with me but i knew he was already going out with someone. that someone was my bestfriends big sister. he said that he didnt care that he wont tell if i didnt. so we started to secretly date and after about three months, i walked out side to see him sitting by a tree in a field . i walked over and he said he wanted to make love to me. i was scared and not ready for that he said that he would never hurt me and that he loved me so much and that he wanted to express is love towards me. he said he had a condom and that his parents were gone. i said that i wasnt sure i was ready but he didnt listen to me. he just led me back to his house. i dint fight him. he took me up to his room and laid me on his bed and started taking my clothes off i started to cry but he just ignored me. finally, he took of my underwear then, he took off his clothes and climbed onto the bed and under the covers. he didnt use the condom. i didnt know that he didnt put it on because i was crying and i wasnt paying attention. he "stuck it in" and it hurt so bad i just couldnt hold in the scream.he ignored it. after a while, it stopped hurting and started feeling good. but also wrong, like he wasnt the right person. after we were done, he got up and got dressed and told me to get the hell out of there and that he was done with me. i got dressed, still crying. and went home.

a month or two later, my stomach felt weird. i got scared. i knew what might have been happening. i told my mom my stomach hur and then i started barfing. she took me to the doctor. and he was listening to my breathing and my heart beats and my stomach gurgling and stuff. then he prescribed me some medicine and sent me home. i started noticing my belly getting bigger and i told my mom everything that happend twomoths before. she was mad, but understanding. she took me to get a pregnancy test. it turned out i was pregnant and now, five years later,im ingaged to someone way better than the boy from history class and jonh ( my fiancee) and my son (leeland who is turning five in a couple of weeks) and i are going to start a new family together.

thank you for listening to my story and i hope that the boy from history class gets his cumupance soon. i knew he didnt love me because if he did he would have broken up with the other girl for me.


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