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      Two people


On November 24 the guy i liked asked me out of course i said yes:)then after a month he broke up with me for another girl but then they broke up and he asked me back out i said yes but i was just waiting thinking that he was gonna break up with me after 3 months i broke up with him i dont know why i did it i still loved him and i still do now we are best friends but i still love him a guy i have known since first grade asked me out and i said yes i like him but nothing like the other guy now the other guy has a girlfriend but i text him everyday i tell him everything things not even my best friends know he makes me happy when im sad or when i cry he tells me he loves me "as a friend" yea well i love him too but not as a friend i wish he would just break up with his girlfriend and i would break up with my boyfriend he told me that i am his favorite person to talk to he still wants to know why i broke up with him i just say i wasnt feeling it but i really love/loved him more than anything and i regret ever breaking up with him he says we would still be going out if i didnt break up with him i wrote this poem that is kind of about him and my boyfriend asked if it was about the other guy and i had to lie and say no what should i do to get the other guy to tell me what he really feels??please comment!:)


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