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      So close yet too far 2 (please comment)


well if you read part 1 you will no i broke up with my bf. well now he follows me and he skips school just to see me when i get out and i really like seing him but i dont want him to go bad in school because of my fault and plus i told him not to follow me anymore but he gets really sad and it would hurt alot to tell him to leave me alone in a mean way. so i really dont no what to do because i dont want to hurt his feelings but i dont want him to keep on skipping school just to see me and plus when he follows me i always go a diferent dirrection cuz i dont want my brother to see us to avoid more problems.

so i want to talk to him to talk to him and make him understand that hes not doing himself anygood by skipping school just to see me. but everytime i tell him not to follow me. he tells im not following you but i no he is because when i get out from school hes sitting in the park in front and he look at me right in the eyes and stands up and right next to me..

so please help me to find a way to make him understand that he should just go to school and leave me alone.

I really love him

but we just cant be together because my family is against

our love and maybe thair right because were too young still..

when i broke up with him i told him that when were older

we could be together again

but he asked me if i stil loved him but i never answered him

and i dont no if to tell him i do love because i do but im afraid hes gonna get more ilusions with me

or if i should tell him i dont love him anymore so he well get of my life already

because hes not doing anygood to him self

so please comment...


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