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      The clever Emperor


Long ago in Egypt. Egypt was not like today. There was an emperor named Ahmed Fuad .He was kind, & valiant emperor and a good warrior. He had his own Kingdom. He had a map of a very big treasure. He didn’t tell anyone about it. He was helpful to everyone. Everyone liked him. But some pirates wanted to snatch his map of treasure. But Ahmed knew about them. Once upon a time when everything was going well, pirates made a plan to Kidnap Ahmed’s Queen Adila. When it was bed time, pirates killed Ahmed’s Bodyguard and entered inside Ahmed’s Bedroom. Ahmed was lost in his dream with his Queen. A Pirate wrote a letter and put it near Ahmed. In the letter was written “IF you want to free your wife from me, you have to give that map to me or battle with me. Otherwise I’ll execute your Queen”. He also said that come with your map in the ground near the Great sphinx to obtain your queen.

Next day he arranged his army for the battle. Ahmed was ready for the battle. The pirates also prepared their army. He arrived there with his army.

The head of the pirates said ‘attack’. Then combat began. The atmosphere was full of noise of trumpeting of elephants, neighs of horses and sound of

Swords. This battle killed thousands of people. Then the pirates were about to kill the Queen. Suddenly Ahmed shouted ‘Take this map and give me my Queen.’ Ahmed gave him the map. Suddenly the Queen came back and Ahmed fitted a false map in empty bottle and closed it with cork and threw it

in the sea. Then pirates rushed to get the map. They entered in the ship and took out the map and started sailing as directed in the map. MAP

The journey took a year to reach the Hitadu Island .They took out their spears and swords and started walking towards the cross as directed in the map. When they reached the cross, they dug a hole and saw bones and graves of man and nothing else. They tried there best but were not successful in their expedition of treasure. The real map was with Emperor Ahmed Fuad. Then Ahmed made new and powerful bodyguards. The whole kingdom lived peacefully MORAL -

Intelligence is more powerful than body strength.


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