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I met this guy online I had know him from school but we never talked after we graduated he messaged me on facebook and sent me a friend request, it was surprising that he talked to me he seemed like a really shy guy anyway we talked a lot we exchanged phone numbers and we decided to meet up, we met at a park and it was fun we talked and it felt like we known each other for a long time, I wasnít nervous or anything it was great. We kept talking, one day he told me that he was going to France and Morocco for summer vacation I felt sad because I knew I was going to miss him, The day for him to leave came he came to my work to say bye to me, I was so sad when he left (I kind of cried as soon as he was gone) I didnít know when he was coming back. when he got there we talked on msn we began doing that every day for the 3 months that he was there we became like best friends we would tell each other everything he knew when I was sad or if there was something wrong and I would do the same with him even thought it was all over facebook letters or IMing. During all that time I was missing him terribly, I was having some guy drama here and he had a girlfriend over there but that didnít stop us. Finally the day to come back was here, I was so excited I was counting the hours :) the day he arrived he called me but I didnít have my phone with me so I was sad :( I called back as soon as I could I was so excited when I heard his voice I knew that I was finally going to see him. I went to work as usual and around mid-day he showed up there OMG I WAS SOOO HAPPY TO SEE HIM. I remember I went to him and hugged him (it felt so good to have him there) after that day he would go to my work and hang out there with me every day, he would also go visit me at school. He had started smoking :( when he was in his vacation I was determined to help him quit so in a text one night I told him that if he stopped smoking I was going to kiss him, he told me he did it but I had not done what I said I would, some time pasted by and he went to the back of my job and started to smoke I told him to stop and he said that he wasnít since I lied about kissing him so I went next to him and we kissed. That day was the start of something amazing; I loved how it felt to kiss him I got really nervous after that and yes I felt the "butterflies" in my stomach. Like 2 days after that my friend Sasha and I went to his house we went to the basement and started playing "truth or dare" from his IPod Touch it was fun on one of the dare it said to ask someone of the opposite sex to marry you, I "proposed ďto him we kissed on that day too, starting the next day I started wearing this engagement ring that signified that I was with him and for him only. I was so happy on those times I was with him. It was on November 12 that our story began, we were happy he got a job so he couldnít see me everyday anymore:( we did whatever we could to see each other and we would go out every weekend or he would come to my house to chill, he was very respectful of my parents and my house to nothing ever happened at my house, around December 23 we decided to go to a hotel and that day for me was amazing I Was with him alone we had no one to bother us, we made love and it was sweet, he feel sleep ( he looked like and angel) I was just contemplating him until it was time to go we got ready and made that one of our special days adding to the list we already had, Christmas day arrived and he went to my uncles house(which was where the party was) it was good to have him there,


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