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      The person that i will love forever<3333


I am almost 13 years old and i like this boy in my school. He steals my heart everytime i see him. He is in most of my classes and i only like one of the claases. i like this class because he makes me happy and laugh. when ever i am walking behind him in the hallways he would always look behind and see if i was there and if i wasnt he would keep on walking but if he did see me behind him he would keep on looking behind him. In most of the classes that i am in with him he would look at me when ever i am not looking. if i am looking he would look at me quick. He is that one little piece of my heart that wont be replaced until he askes me out. When he does ask me out that piece will come back to me and wont leave until he brecks up with me.


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