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      So close yet too far.


im alejandra im 14. i met victor in a new years party but i never imagined i would fall in love with that inocent boy.

a month later my bro made a party and he was there again because his stepdad works for my bro. well anyways that day he was really sad so my friend began to talk to him and then she called me and we began to talk like friends we were drinking bear all from one same cup and then he gave me a bracelet and his sister called me and asked me for my number and she told me that her brother was sad because he fell in love with me since we met. so then i found out he had barely turned 13..

then my dad made me go home so we said bye.

2 days later he came to my house with the ecuse that he came to look for my bro.

well anyways we began to talk and talk like for a month..

we had dates secretly since my family doesnt let me have a boyfriend and worse him beacause they say his too little for me and that suppostly i deserve more.

then one day my bro found out we would see easch other so he took away my cellphone and he screamed at me.

2 days later i bought my self a nother cell and we kept on seing eachther. we would aways meet my really big tree in a place where theres alot of horses.(sorry for my mispelling im argentinian).. we would talk every day on the cellphone and we would hug alot. at night we would call me from my window and we would hide in my cousins tree house..

until 2 months ago my bro found out again because my bfs stepdad told him since he doesnt want problems....

well my brother hit me and took my cell phone he scremed alot at me witch hurts the most that night i ran away but my other brothter found me and told me my mom was crying and i realized this isnt her fault to i went back home.. the next day my boyfriend moved one block away from my house so hes really close to me but i feel him so far.. i broke up with him as soon as i saw him. acouple days later he wrote me a letter telling me he cant live with out me and that if i want to get back the letter was 2 pages long. i wrote him a letter but i broke it a week ago since i dont see him anymore so i dont have the cahnce to give it to him and plus i dont think his still waiting for an answer..

now somethimes i see him when i go buy but i just look down at the ground since i broke his heart. but we both promised that in too years when im 17 and finish school were gonna get back together and nobody would be hable to separate us...

all though we dont talk anymore every time i see pass by i can see in his eyes that he loves me like i love him...


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