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      True love never ends


there was this guy that my cousin liked and i started texting him and my mom use to hangout with his father..well one day he went over to my cousins house and me and my other cousin went there to get some of her stuff to stay at my house. well her and her bf were in her room and i was hanging out with my cousin and the guy that i was texting and she liked..well me and him went up to my aunts room and talked..then we started kissing and then i left...well he texted me and told me that he liked me and i said i liked him to. i know it was wrong for me to like someone that my cousin liked but for some reason this one was different. well he asked me out and of course i said yes but we cant tell anyone..well he would come over and see me every other day or on the weekends and we would lay there and hold on to eachother and just talk about us..well one day me him and my other cousin and her bf went for a walk..he kept showing my cousins bf soemthing and i didnt know what it was...and then he pulled this ring out of his pocket and said will you marrie me when we turn 18 i said of course i love you and he said i love you to babe your my we kept secretly dating still for 4 months and one day my cousin found out that we were dating and she got over it and moved on...then something happened between us..i hate that we are not together anymore i thought he was the one that i would spend my hole life with..everytime i saw him i would get butterflys in my belly. we were together for 7 months...yes that isnt a long time but with him the days flew by and thats how i know that it was true love ...logan m jons that was his name will always and forever be my true love no matter what..i just want ppl to know that no matter wat happens tell ppl that you are dating that one person you love and care truly about no matter what tell that person that you care about them and never want to lose them..cuz you wont know what you lost till its gone..and i hope things work out with all of those couples out there...thank you for reading my srory

natasha j pelkey


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